As a homeless individual, your spirit is ground down daily. And sometimes you wonder can it ever by revived again. [expand notitle=”true” targtag=”normal”]
The streets are so cold and brutal. Your compassion, efforts, thoughtfulness, consideration, generosity, attention to detail and love shown to a total stranger mean more to me than I could ever tell you. I loved everything. The chair and hutch are exquisite. The dishes, pots & pans, blankets, sheets, pillows, lamps all desperately needed. The jewelry such a treat. And your loving attention to detail, such as women’s prayer books, cologne, brand new items for the kitchen & bath and even personalized note pads left me speechless.
How much effort you all had put into being kind to the poorest of the poor. A special thanks to Joyce for organizing and coordinating the unimaginable effort you all put into it. From the bottom of my heart Thank You![/expand]

Senior management at St. Vincent de Paul and at CASS intervened on “Pat’s” behalf and secured permanent housing for her at no cost. Her problem was that she had an apartment but nothing to furnish it with.[expand notitle=”true” targtag=”normal”]
Fellow St. Benedict parishioner Joyce Petrowski was instrumental in completely furnishing “Pat’s” new apartment. Joyce solicited St. Benedict parishioners as well as neighbors and friends for everything that was needed make the apartment comfortable and livable. Joyce had only a week to accomplish the daunting task.
Joyce collected and delivered the following: a bed, bedding, linens, towels, wash cloths, dresser, night stand, alarm clock, waste basket, couch, chair, lamps, clocks, wall art, area rug kitchen table and chairs, all kitchen pots, pans, dinnerware, serveware, and place settings, table linens, placemats, basin to wash dishes, dish rack, garbage can, shower rod & curtain, tub mat, wastebasket, hamper, bath caddie, television, entertainment center, and book case.
I am sure that there is more that I am omitting. It was nothing short of the Hand of God working through Joyce that she was able to bring all of this together in only one week!!! I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes how beautiful “Pat’s” new home looked!
I wholeheartedly support Joyce’s efforts to create a non-profit devoted to helping the homeless and needy throughout our community. We are truly blessed at St. Benedict’s Church to have such a kind, caring and giving Joyce Petrowski as a member. I am proud to call Joyce my friend and endorse her non-profit corporation wholeheartedly!
– Jack Chapman[/expand]

As a donor and helper, I was recently invited to join Joyce and her amazing crew in a critical last-minute project to equip an empty house to decently accommodate four shortly-arriving missionary nuns in a poor parish.[expand notitle=”true” targtag=”normal”]
Within a few days, Joyce and her crew arrived with enough to equip kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room and dining space with new or gently used donated items. It wasn’t fancy, but clean and completely functional items to help the nuns. Joyce and her helpers not only delivered, but helped set up the donations.
Joyce Petrowski has built a foundation, Furnishing Dignity, whose goal is to help restore to in-need individuals and families a measure of dignity through supplying new or gently used furnishing essentials. These basics might include items for kitchen, bath, seating, or bedroom furnishing, and possibly accessories depending on donations.
Donors of new or gently used furniture, furnishings, small appliances, or living essentials should certainly contact Joyce and Furnishing Dignity through the following email: joycep@furnishingdignity.org This is a great foundation doing important and fantastic good.
Camille A. O’Melia
Safe Environment Coordinator
Parish of St. Benedict[/expand]

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