Dignity Partners

At this time, we are not accepting any new partner applications.  Please email info@furnishingdignity.org with questions.

Furnishing Dignity works in collaboration with other approved Arizona non-profits (Dignity Partners) which provide programs that address underlying causes of a Furnishing Dignity client’s current situation, promote self-sufficiency and offer client support after independent housing is secured. Dignity Partners refer case managed, qualified individuals to Furnishing Dignity through an application process. Once an application is approved, Furnishing Dignity works directly with the client and their case manager to determine their immediate needs and then work to fulfill those needs.

Furnishing Dignity is proud to partner with the following organizations:
A New Leaf
Angels on Patrol
Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation
Circle the City
Phoenix Rescue Mission
St. Vincent de Paul – Most Holy Trinity Council
St. Vincent de Paul – St. Benedict Council
Save The Family

If you are interested in becoming a Dignity Partner, please follow the links below for additional information and an application.

Dignity Partner FAQ’s and Guidelines
Dignity Partner Application